The Animals of Big Country

Here at Big Country Bed and Breakfast, there is always wildlife around. On a nightly basis we can expect to see deer in our backyard, sometimes one lonely young'n wanders out and sometimes it's a whole herd, as many as 19 one evening. We've watched some turkey grow up here from the time they were young and flopping around in our back yard to proud toms strutting their stuff.

This past spring we decided we wanted more birds. We love cardinals and hummingbirds so we've added several hummingbird feeders and regular feeders just off our back deck. Now we are feeding the birds more food than we feed our dog! It's fun though, to watch them and listen to them. The birds have been a very welcomed addition to our property.

As for our actual pets, I'll introduce "Fluff" first, as he seems to be the most popular around here. Fluff, who is also known by Big Boy, Biggie or Biggin' has rightfully earned his names. When he was a kitten he was a little gray fluff ball, which is how he earned his official name "Fluffy". As he got older, he just kept growing! Our last official weight on him was about 20 pounds and he's still just as fluffy as his younger days, but Biggin' seems to be the most fitting name.

Napping is what Fluff can be seen doing most of the time.

Fluff is about 9 years old and is the only outside cat we have. A few strays have come and gone but this is Fluff's home and he never wanders far from it. A couple years ago he was attacked by some local roaming dogs and after making a full recovery from his injuries he doesn't stray far from us or the house. If you visit our property, you'll notice we have (3) gates on our large back deck. Those gates were put in just for fluff, so he would have a safe place to go at night where dogs couldn't harm him (so if you come in at night and a gate is still open, we left it open for you but Fluff would sure appreciate it if you closed it.)

Usually by morning Fluff has made his way to the front porch where he has a 2- story cat condo with comfy blankets and his food and water. The first one of us to open the front door is greeted with Fluff pawing at the door to say "good morning, please feed me". Fluff has appeared in many a picture by both us and several of our guests! He is definitely a guest favorite!

We also have a 15 year old Egyptian Mau named T.J. that lives downstairs with us, along with Fluff's brother who has always been an inside cat (and yes, he's almost as big as Fluff!)

Lastly is our girl Macie. After losing both of our chocolate labs about 7 years ago and swearing off any new dogs, we met the cutest little puppy at a family dinner and it was love at first sight. She was named Macie because the Macy's day parade was on TV at the Thanksgiving dinner we were at and as soon as she was weaned off her momma, she would become our Christmas puppy. She has been spoiled rotten ever since (she will be 6 on Halloween 2019). Her breed is one that most haven't heard about (Mountain Feist) and even though we never hunt her, she has a natural instinct to stalk things and would chase our birds, rabbits and has even gone after the deer if given the opportunity.

Macie LOVES her blankets and her toys but most of all she loves her family. She is very protective of us and our property. She takes to most people after getting to know them, but tends to be a little obnoxious in the beginning. She likes the gated back deck as much as Fluff does and usually on nice evenings we'll let her run and play.

Macie LOVES to play ball!

As a guest I'm sure you'll have an opportunity meet fluff. He will flop and roll and just want some attention. Macie is not seen as much but you might hear her occasionally, either while playing downstairs or when we take her for a walk. And, as much as we love our pets, they are never allowed in the bed and breakfast area upstairs. So there you have the full furry crew!

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