About Us

We love our country home and want to share it with others. Here's how it all began...

Almost twenty years ago we visited our first Bed and Breakfast, ironically at Lake of the Ozarks. We fell in love with the concept of the B&B (versus a hotel) and have stayed in several since. From that point on, we (more-so Angie) dreamed of owning a B&B  someday.  We like to meet new people, especially those who also enjoy and appreciate the value of a B&B and the extra special amenities that usually come with it.  

In 2014 we bought "the big cedar house on the corner" as everyone knows it.  Soon after, our family started getting smaller when our boys graduated and began their own lives.  It was then we decided there was no better time to start our dream that began almost 20 years ago.  

The property and home are managed by husband and wife Tim and Angie Seaton, Angie's mother Diana (AKA Ms. B) and the family dog Macie.  

Sadly, we will be closing our doors to the public in July, 2020. 

Life takes some turns along the way and we have decided to close the doors to Big Country Bed and Breakfast.  The experience of opening, owning, and operating a true Bed and Breakfast is one we are blessed to have experienced, but have decided in doesn't fit the demands of our busy lifestyle so will be turning our big country home back into our family residence once again.  We have met some truly amazing people in the last few years, some we are so happy to call friends.   Blessings, thank you and well wishes from all of us at Big Country Bed and Breakfast! 

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